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We discovered some excellent NEW song writing tips and articles on the Internet that are used by the most successful artists in the world. The authors share years of experience, tips and techniques that could also make YOU successful. Millions of records with their songs have been sold across the world.

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The biggest problem for musicians is that they don't get their music promoted to the right people in the music industry. Well known publishers, producers and owners of record companies - real decision makers that could choose your song for their next album.

Luckily we have linking agreements with some excellent organizations that can distribute your songs to the top bras in the music industry.

They're in contact with key people and can kick start your musical career in a flash.

We also have Easy Songwriter, a new software program that can be used to write and record music in the comfort of your home. You can do this even without playing any instruments. 

The program creates a professional demo CD that will open doors wherever it is played. 

Song Writing Articles

These are just some of the articles that can be viewed;

Lastly, we're also running a monthly competition where you can win some great prizes. The challenge is to create a radio commercial using software that you can download for free. 

If you would like to contribute to this website, you are welcome to email your articles, tips and advice to support. Remember, we can only publish those that are helpful to the song writing community.

Easy Song Writing provides tips and resources that help ordinary people become world famous songwriters. Check it out now!

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