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Unleash The Pop-Idol That's Hiding Within You.

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Admiration From Your Family And Friends When Our New Songwriting Tool Guides You Step-by-Step To Write Your Own Songs!

Discover the incredible program that can turn a simple melody into an amazing musical performance!

Good news to all music lovers, poets and songwriters!

What I'm about to tell you could launch your musical career with a bang!

Imagine an easy-to-use, reliable songwriting tool that...

  • Guides you through every step of the songwriting process...
  • Generates the background music even before you start writing the lyrics...
  • Utilizes proven chord progressions, therefore giving you a better chance of success...
  • Creates within minutes a professional recording that grabs the listener's attention...
  • Puts the art of songwriting in your hands today, to be admired by friends...
  • And a whole lot more! Much, much more!

It is now possible for anyone to write and record a song within a couple of hours.

Even when you can't play an instrument you can create your own songs complete with background music and lyrics!

But don't just take our word for it...give it a FREE test drive NOW!

Have you ever dreamed of hearing your own music on the airwaves?

Did you watch Idols on television and wished that it could be YOU standing on that stage...a pop star, handing out signatures, your photo in the newspaper?

It is easy to write down a few romantic words, but can you turn it into something really memorable... like a beautiful song?

Words become poetry in a song. Your challenge is to create something that will fascinate, inspire and capture the hearts of your audience.

When artists can write their own songs, they have an undisputed advantage over competitors when approaching a record company.

So how can YOU achieve it... today?

The answer is simple.

A step-by-step approach to songwriting

The new 'Easy Songwriter' software provides everything you need to start writing your own songs. And not just any song... a song that stands out from the rest, with a really good chance of becoming a HIT.

Just follow the steps and be amazed by your own creation, recorded complete with background music, chords and lyrics.

Does that sound tempting to you?

I couldn't find good, AFFORDABLE software designed solely for songwriters. There are a few programs available, for example Cubase. But they are expensive multi-track recording systems and not really designed for songwriting.

These programs have a steep learning curve and its a bit discouraging when all you want to do is write a song.

I needed something easy and simple to use, affordable, but good enough to write a professional song.

Easy Songwriter is the answer!

The key to your success

The program has some amazing features:

  • It was designed to be very easy to use, even my daughter of eight is now using the software and she's loving it! The program can be used by professionals to save time as well as beginners that can't play an instrument.

    You don't have to compose background music for your song. It is done automatically using state of the art music technology. All you have to do is sing the melody and type the words after selecting a suitable music track.

    The program utilizes chord progressions similar to those in well known HIT songs. That's why the end product has a much better chance of becoming a HIT song. If the song has a strong base, the melody quickly follows suit.

  • It was custom developed for song writers, by song writers - a small team that understood the songwriting process and were able to convert their ideas into a practical solution.

  • Speed and efficiency. How fast can you write lyrics? Add another 30-60 minutes and that's how long it should take to write and record a song with Easy Songwriter.

  • Synchronized lyrics. The typed lyrics are synchronized with the background music so that you can sing 'karaoke style' while recording the melody.

  • Other features include, multi-channel support, tempo changes, section repeat, a realtime progress cursor, reverb special effects, lyric / chord editor, etc.

  • Simplified volume configuration. Version 1.2 and later includes a built-in volume control panel that automatically updates volume settings depending on the task you're about to complete. All you need to do is make minor changes to achieve the perfect results. 

    This feature is especially helpful for beginners who may get confused by the standard Windows volume controls.

  • Rhyming dictionary. A powerful rhyme search engine that helps you write inspiring lyrics within minutes. "What rhymes with ....?"

  • In addition to the automated music generator you can also create your own backtracks from an external sound source like a guitar, keyboard or CD player.  

  • There's no other program that provides a similar point-and-click solution to songwriting for the same price.

The best way to test Easy Songwriter is to download the FREE version now and install it. You will be pleasantly surprised :-)

We have just released version 1.2 which includes exciting new features:

Create your own demo recordings

Yes, you can now do a professional final mix of your song and create a demo recording that can be played on virtually any computer

Do you know how much it cost to record a demo song in a professional sound studio? 

One recording could cost you almost double the price of Easy Songwriter. 

And what happens if you're not satisfied with the end result and would like to change it later?... another expensive recording session!!

But that's where Easy Songwriter comes to the rescue. You can...

  • Record multiple versions of your songs in the comfort of your home.
  • Do it over and over again until you create a song that will astonish those stubborn publishers and record companies. 
  • Easy Songwriter can be used to make demo recordings of your own voice mixed with soundtracks of popular songs that are downloaded from the Internet.
  • Accomplish the perfect sound balance by mixing channels separately and adding reverb special effects. People will listen to your songs if they sound professional.
  • Save your song in a format that can be played back on any computer. When you send your song to a publisher he or she can immediately stick the CD in a computer and there it is - fast, easy and persuasive.
  • Add sound effects to further enhance your recording and make it stand out from the rest.
  • Earn an income - charge a recording fee when you make demos for your friends.

The demo recording feature alone could save you 2-3 times the amount you would normally spend recording in a sound studio.

So what else do you need once you have the 'Easy Songwriter' software?

  • Your voice - to sing the melody into a microphone (Don't worry if your voice is not up to scratch, you can always have the song re-recorded by a professional artist once it is completed).
  • A microphone and sound card, to capture melodies, and to play back those awesome musical performances.

It is really that simple.

Screen Shots
Click here to view some screen shots of the program.

Composer's block

It is the songwriter's worst nightmare. Every songwriter experiences times when melodies and ideas are hard to come by.

But could it be any simpler with the program generating the background music and you just humming the melody?

It can be done over and over again until you're satisfied with the end result.

Songwriting has never been this easy!

Teach your parrot :-)

Yes really - you can record phrases or words that you want your parrot to learn. Select the auto-repeat function and 'VOILA', your words and your voice is played over and over until your parrot overflows with wisdom. 

Now that I've told you all about the good features of Easy Songwriter I think its only fair to tell what you can't do with the program.

  • Firstly, the program does not provide detailed editing facilities similar to those in dedicated midi editors. This is a songwriting tool, not a midi editor and our aim is to make the art of songwriting as simple and easy as possible for songwriters. 
  • Secondly, the program does not compose the melody for you, only the background music. We want to leave some creativity in your hands and you still have to write the words and compose the melody by singing in a microphone. If everything is done for you, you might just as well go to a CD shop and buy a CD.... its got everything already!
  • Thirdly, although you can print out the lyrics, the program does not generate a written score for your song. 

I hope this answers some of the questions that you may have.

 Let me tell you that thousands of people are downloading the trial version every month and we're expecting this figure to grow on a weekly basis. It is worth a closer look.

Let me ask you this question: 

What are the two biggest secrets to getting your foot in the door with the music industry used all the time by successful songwriters? They are...

Secret Number One...
Do something - today

Act now and unleash your songwriting talent. Many people dream for years. They're thinking how nice it would be to become a star, to be appreciated by others, to be popular and to make money through music!

But all they do is dream - they never take the next step. After the first lame attempt to write something nice they give up with another lame excuse... it takes too long, it costs too much, I don't have the talent.

Let me tell you something. You won't 'discover' your hidden talents by trying it once or twice. You need to keep at it consistently ... until you are successful.

With Easy Songwriter you can write a song TODAY, it will cost you next to nothing, and YOU HAVE ENOUGH TALENT TO FINISH THAT SONG SUCCESSFULLY!

If YOU don't realize your talent nobody will do it for you.

Secret Number Two...
Use the correct tools

Professional songwriters use equipment worth thousands of dollars. They create songs that sound professional. 

They use songwriting techniques that proved to be successful over and over again.

You need to do the same, without the huge expense.

Easy Songwriter's built-in music generator uses the same digital files that form the basis of other professional recordings. Quality is just as good (Sampling rate of 44.1 khz). The music is just as accurate. 

The help file provides an excellent reference that will guide you through every step of the songwriting process.

You discovered the right tool - start using it!

Free download

Yes, we are giving away a fully functional, time unlimited version for you to download right now.

You can install and test it at your own discretion. The only limitation on the DEMO version is that a maximum of three different backtracks can be generated.

You need to buy a license to remove this restriction. Various styles of chord progressions are available in the licensed version.

Introductory offer

The price of 'Easy Songwriter' is $85-00. We provide a special discount to visitors during the launch phase of this product.

If you buy within 7 days after downloading the demo version, you can save $16-00 and only pay $69-00.

The introductory offer is valid for a limited time only.

Do not waste any time. Download the free program now, test it and make sure that you return to this website within 7 days to qualify for the $16-00 discount!

What to do next

Step 1
Download the Demo version, install it and see if you like it.
Click here to download now!
Step 2
The next step is to buy a license that will unlock the full potential of the program.

After your order has been processed the license information will be emailed to the address that you provided. You will also receive the FREE bonuses described below.

FREE Killer Bonuses if You Order Now!

However, remember that these bonuses are only available for a very limited time! They come from various sources and can be removed at any time, without notice. So, you need to...

... order before the 7 day download window expires!

Here is what you will get absolutely free of charge when you register your copy of Easy Songwriter. Plus, these bonuses can be downloaded immediately after your order has been processed.

FREE Extra Bonus #1!
Zipped Midi File Library
(Value $50)

Midi files are sound files that can be used as backtracks when you want to make demo recordings of existing songs that have been popular over the past 2-3 decades. 

Although there are many free versions on the Internet it takes hours and hours to locate good quality tracks that sound professional and that can be used together with Easy Songwriter.

We've taken some time to source and compile them into a Zipped library that you can download. 

With this library at your disposal you can make demo recordings using music that was arranged by expert musicians. 

FREE Extra Bonus #2!
Music File Converter
(Some companies charge $39 for other similar applications) 

dBpowerAMP Music Converter (dMC), is one of those must have utilities, indispensable for converting audio files from one format to another. Part of dMCs formidable arsenal, is its ability to rip music straight from Audio CDs! You can even convert the Demo tracks created with Easy Songwriter to MP3 which makes it smaller and easier to send by email.

Straight out of the box dMC can convert to and from Wave, Mp3 and from CD Audio (CDA) files. 
Codec downloads add Windows Media Audio v8 (WMA) , Ogg Vorbis and many more types to the table. 

Features include: 

  • Volume Normalization - have all audio tracks use same volume. 
  • ID Tag preservation & Editing - keep those ID tags between conversions, 
  • Explorer Audio Info Pop-ups - display useful information on an audio file in explorer, 
  • Convert To - simplest way of converting right click on a file and select Convert To, 
  • Send audio to your Portable Mp3 Player with Sveta Portable Audio 
  • Fully compatible with Windows 95/98/ME NT4/2000 and Windows XP + Linux (when using Wine). 
  • News Just in dMC is the Fastest Audio CD Ripper !!

dBpowerAMP software does not contain any 'Spyware' 'Add sponsorship' or other nasties - Free means Free!

Total of All FREE Bonuses... $89-00!

Phone Us
Do you want to speak to a real person by phone? If you still have questions you are welcome to phone me on my mobile phone - Click here


Credit Card

The fastest and most secure way to order is directly online. We accept all credit cards listed below. Your monthly statement will reflect payment to "2CO.COM", (2CheckOut.com Inc), our authorized agent.

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Secure Transaction

Affiliate program

We are in the process of implementing an affiliate program. If you are interested in re-selling the software, please email your name, URL and contact details so that we can let you know as soon as we're ready.

(The program was developed by Qualitone Multimedia Cc, South Africa. They can be contacted at Int+2783-959 0911 (Mobile) for bulk distribution enquiries and joint venture proposals).


Henco Schoeman, Composer / Songwriter
Henco Schoeman

The software is great, and you can write songs quickly and easily by following a few simple steps.

I have won a national songwriting competition by applying the same 'compose music first - then write lyrics' approach used in this program.

I highly recommend the software to anyone aspiring to write their first HIT song.

Easy Songwriter makes for an excellent gift to anyone with an interest in music. Parents can help their teenage children to discover and develop their musical talents!

Ever wanted to be a 'cool' mom or dad?

Here's your chance...

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Easy Songwriter? 

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