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The following list of questions and answers might help if you experience problems with the installation:


     General installation problems

     License Generator Problems

Questions & Answers:

I've downloaded the demo version, but I do not have the 'Registration code'. Can you send it to me?

Users that downloaded the program from external sites like Download.com and Tucows.com should also request the "Registration Code" from this website.

The code is sent to you by email when you enter your name and email address on the product page.


Due to continuous abuse of the system we do not allow users to enter any "Free" email addresses like "Hotmail.com" and "Yahoo.com".

Please use another valid email address and enter your proper name and surname.

If you provide an invalid email address the code will not be sent to you and you'll just waste your own time.

I Haven't been able to use the software since I'm receiving "Runtime Error 50003". Do you know what this means and how can I fix it?

Solution 1: 
On Win 98 the error is usually caused by incorrect screen color settings. You cannot use a screen color higher than Medium (16 Bit) on Windows 98. As far as we know you can go higher on 2000 and XP.

To change the screen color:

>>Right click on your desktop
 >> Select Properties
  >> Select Settings
   >> Set the color quality to Medium (16 Bit) instead of High (32 Bit)

Solution 2: 
If you tried 'Solution 1' and still get the "Unexpected Error 50003" then one or more of your supporting files are older than the ones that are required in Easy Songwriter.

This problem is not caused by Easy Songwriter, but is common to many applications. It is usually caused when a previously installed program replaced some of your support files with older versions.

The easiest solution is to download and install the latest service packs (upgrades) of the Visual Basic Runtime.

Windows 98, 2000, Me & NT
Click here
to download and install the Visual Studio 6 Redistributable Runtime Service Pack 5. 

You can read more about this problem at the following websites although the solutions provided on these sites might be a bit outdated:


After installing the program and opening the "Step 1" window I receive the following error "Could not connect to database!" and/or "Runtime error 91: Object variable or Withbloack variable not set"

MDAC VERSION 2.6 is a program provided by Microsoft that is used by Easy Songwriter to connect to the database. The program is installed by default on most computers, unless you have an old operating system.

Do the following:

Step 1:
Check if MDAC Version 2.6 or later is installed on your computer. 

Read the following article on Microsoft's website that describes how you can check which version of MDAC is installed.
Article at Microsoft

Download MDAC 2.6 or later and the redistributable Jet 4.0 Service Pack 3 from the following Microsoft Web site if you need to install:

Step 2:
Make sure that the database file's read-only property is not set to true;

  • Go to:
    c:\program files\easy songwriter\database
  • Right click on the "songwriter.mdb" file and select "Properties"

    (If the file is not there, then that is what's causing the problem. Un-install and re-install Easy Songwriter in the default directory) 
  • Make sure there is NO checkmark next to "Read Only"
  • Click OK.
  • If the "songwriter.mdb" database file is not in that folder, it could also be the problem! Re-install the program and use the default installation folder.

If the correct version of MDAC is installed and the database file is not set to read only, you can try installing the Jet or Desktop ODBC Drivers.

I'm not sure if this will help, but you can try as a last resort.

Download Jet ODBC Drivers

When I run the 'License Generator'  to unlock the fully licensed version, I receive the following error: "Invalid date in key file"

This error could be caused by two reasons:

1. The international language settings on your computer could be set to something other than the standard 'English (United States)' therefore the date could be in an unknown format.

Do the following:

  • Windows XP
    On the left hand corner of your screen, click on: >> Start >> Control panel >> Regional and language settings

    Windows 2000 / 98
    On the left hand corner of your screen, click on: >> Start >> Settings >> Control panel >> Regional and language settings
  • Under the 'Regional Options' tab make sure that 'English (United States)' is selected in the first drop down menu.
  • Click "OK"
  • Run the license generator.

2. You could be using an outdated program to generate the license file. 

The 'License Generator' must be executed within 7 days after it is sent to you by Easy Songwriter support. After 7 days it will expire and display the "Invalid date in key file" error.

You will have to contact support to send you an updated 'License Generator' . When you request the new license you must provide us with; 

  • Your name,  
  • Email used when you placed the order,
  • Date when you placed the order,
  • Order transaction number that was sent to you in the order confirmation email.

Without this information we can not send you an updated 'License Generator'.

When I run the 'License Generator'  to unlock the fully licensed version, I receive the following error: "Key file missing"

When we send you the 'License Generator' that will unlock your program you should receive 2 files that are attached to the email.

Both those files must be copied to the same folder on your computer BEFORE you try to execute the 'License Generator'

Do the following:

  • Right click on each attached file in your email.
  • Select 'Save As'
  • Save BOTH files to the same folder on your computer. (It could be any folder)
  • Navigate to the folder where the license files are saved
  • Double click on the License Generator .Exe file to execute.

If you still need answers please contact us through the support email address. 

As a last resort If you still have questions you are welcome to phone me on my International mobile phone. Do this while you sit in front of your computer.

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