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Easy Songwriter 1.2
is the latest version and can be downloaded from this page. Please read the instructions carefully to ensure a smooth installation.


There are a few requirements for running the software on your computer.

Hardware requirements:

  • 500 Megahertz Computer
    128 Megabytes RAM
    20 Megabytes free disk space for the installation of the program

    A lot of extra disk space (+500 megs) depending on the number of songs that you want to record.
  • A good multiplex sound card - The better the sound card and microphone, the better the sound.
  • A microphone - A microphone designed for singing is preferable, but you can also use an ordinary PC microphone.

Software requirements:

The software runs on Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP. (It is NOT compatible with VISTA).

The following FREE software must be installed BEFORE you can run Easy Songwriter.

  • Microsoft DirectX Version 8.1
    DirectX is a software program written by Microsoft that supports advanced Multimedia Applications. You can download it free (see below) from their website. DirectX should only be installed on Win 98, ME and Win 2000, since it is installed by default on Windows XP and later versions of the operating system.

(Please note that Easy Songwriter is not supported- and has not been tested on Windows '95).


Install the pre-requisites:

Windows 98, ME and 2000 Users
Direct X Version 8.1 is required on these operating systems before you can run Easy Songwriter 1.1.

Direct X is not installed on 2000, ME or 98 by default and if you haven't installed it yourself, you need to install it first.

  • Windows 98 and ME users click on this link to download Direct X 8.1:
    Download Directx 8.1 for Windows Me & '98
    Download Size: 11861 KB
    (Follow the instructions on Microsoft's website to install the software)
  • Windows 2000 users should click on the following link to download Direct X 8.1:
    Download Direct X 8.1 for Windows 2000
    Download Size: 7718 KB
    (Follow the instructions on Microsoft's website to install the software)

Windows XP
Here is the good news. You don't have to download or install anything except for the program itself, so just continue with the next step.

Download and install Easy Songwriter


After saving the download file to your computer, do the following:

  • If have a previous version installed it must first be removed. 
    Click Start >> Settings >> Control panel and double click on "Add/Remove Programs". Select Easy Songwriter and click "Remove"
  • The program is distributed in a compressed .Zip file and should first be decompressed by using a program like 'Winzip'.
  • After extracting the files you should double click on the "Setup.exe" file to install.

    Older Systems:
  • On some older operating systems (98/Me) the setup program might first update your installer program.
  • Once the update is complete you will be prompted to re-start your computer.
  • After re-starting you should run setup again to install Easy Songwriter.
  • The program can be started by clicking on
    Start >> Easy Songwriter.

Fill out the form below to download the free DEMO version.

  • We respect you privacy and your email address will NOT be sold or used for anything, but to provide support and tips that can better your songwriting skills.
  • Every email message includes a link where you can un-subscribe immediately should you prefer not to receive any further songwriting tips.
  • When a popup window appears, click 'Save' or 'Save this program to disk' to start the download.
  • Free email addresses like Hotmail and Yahoo are not allowed!
Your Name:
Your E-Mail:
Download size: 8507 KB

Thank you for trying out the software. Hope you enjoy it!


Henco Schoeman, Composer / Songwriter
Henco Schoeman

The software is great, and you can write songs quickly and easily by following a few simple steps.

I have won a national songwriting competition by applying the same 'compose music first - then write lyrics' approach used in this program.

I highly recommend the software to anyone aspiring to write their first HIT song.

Easy Songwriter makes for an excellent gift to anyone with an interest in music. Parents can help their teenage children to discover and develop their musical talents!

Ever wanted to be a 'cool' mom or dad?

Here's your chance...

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