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Music gift

... Easy Songwriter, a music gift that can turn ordinary people into world famous songwriters, has been released. Be amazed when you see how easy it is for anyone to write a song. 

This is the ideal music gift to aspiring musicians between the ages of 12 and 65.

Mothers, fathers, boy-and girlfriends do you want to give your loved one the gift of music? This is it.... 

Imagine an easy-to-use, reliable songwriting tool that...

  • Guides you through every step of the songwriting process...
  • Generates the background music even before you start writing the lyrics...
  • Utilizes proven chord progressions, therefore giving you a better chance of success...
  • Creates within minutes a professional recording that grabs the listener's attention...
  • Puts the art of songwriting in your hands today, to be admired by friends...
  • And a whole lot more! Much, much more!

music giftThe new 'Easy Songwriter' software provides everything you need to start writing your own songs. And not just any song... a song that stands out from the rest, with a really good chance of becoming a HIT.

Just follow the easy steps and be amazed by your own creation, recorded complete with background music, chords and lyrics.

The popular Easy Songwriter is a music gift that opens up new artistic opportunities, doesn't matter where you are in the world.

The Easy Songwriter music gift is distributed only through  Easy-song-writing.com and supported by Qualitone Multimedia.

Check out the music gift that provides value for money, for YEARS to come!
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Feedback  We aim to provide impeccable customer service and a high quality product
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