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Don't Stop The Love

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Some say that I'm professional
Cause I know how to handle mine
Be still be cool and wait awhile
And I'll show you
what some say is right
Now don't get the wrong impression
I don't do this all of the time
But when I see you all I wanna do
Is make you call my
name by the candlelight

Don't stop the love
If the speaker's blown
Even if we ain't alone I am into you
Don't stop the love if it feels good
Just like I knew it would I am into you
Don't stop the love for anything
I'll do everything I am into you

Some people like to talk a lot
About what they say they can do
But I wanna be the first
To sit down, show and prove
Now don't get the wrong idea
I don't do just anyone
But when I see you all I wanna do
Is make sweet love
til the morning sun baby


Just relax and let me do my job
If this is a full time baby
I'm never taking off
As long as you're here by my side


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