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Word Iz Bond


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Word iz bond
[Repeat x4]

On and on,
Word iz bond.
On and on,
Word iz bond.

On and on,
Word iz bond,
We be chillin' to the break of dawn,
And it's on.
[repeat x4]

[Verse One:]
Woke up this morning,
With chillin' on my head,
Didn't wanna wake my man,
So instead I called my girlies.
Let's chill today,
Go out and play,
Get in the car,
And let's cruise around the way.
While the lead track plays,
In the back so soothin',
The system is pumpin',
Got the kids on the block bumpin'.
Just chillin' with my girls it's sumthin',
Got more funk in the trunk and it's funkin'.
Me and the girls know the time before we enter,
The center, of my path finder.
Flirtin' with the guys, cool with the girls,
No numbers just just money,
Or stay in your world.
Crusin' to the homebase,
In Vegas where were livin',
The peace sign is up when we're ridin' through,
Passin',hey how you doin',
This is how we do,
'Cause we keep it goin' on,
Word iz bond.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse Two:]
We be chillin',
With the hottest Phat Farm fashion,
Donna Karan that's the gear we be wearin'.
Pullin' out a list, To get me that and get me this,
What I do when I chill with my crew.
So just to get a shout out,
To all my peeps on the street,
We dedicate this song,
On and on and on,
To whom we've known so long,
We gotta stay strong,
Word iz bond.

[Rap by Shyheim:]
I shine like diamonds,
On some straight Lariems.
On the Benz glidin' through smoke foggy wind,
Lay back in the Coupe,
And tellin' ya smellin' like weed.
Who creeps up on the side of me,
Bumpin' "All I Need".
Peep Dom P's in the bright pink and white rover,
I'm pointin' to the nearest corner,
For shorty to pull it over.
She cracked a smile,
Word iz bond I almost crashed,
Then I blinked again,
And they was gone that fast
Word iz bond.

[Repeat Chorus to fade]

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