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What More Can He Do?


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What more can he do,
Tell me what more can he do?
He sent loving arms down from the sky,
'Cuz he cares so much for you and I.

[Verse One:]
Never in my imagination,
Did I ever see so clearly,
Someone who has a concern for my life,
'Til your love came and found me.
You loved me when I didn't even love myself,
A love that will be there when there's nobody else.
So with my voice I'll sing this little song of praise,
'Cuz when I think of what he's done all I can say...

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse Two:]
Really didn't have a reason,
To love me so much right from the start.
I haven't done a lot of things that I'm proud of,
But that isn't the way of your heart.
Why me is what I keep on asking myself,
You could've given this gift to anyone else.
But you maade me realise that I was special too,
And that is something that you didn't have to do.

[Repeat Chorus]

Don't know why he loved me,
Don't know why he cared.
Even though I really didn't deserve it,
I'm so glad that he did.

[Repeat Chorus to fade]

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