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Let Your Hair Down


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Let ya hair down
When youíre up in the club and donít wanna get crunk
Let ya hair down
When you think youíre too cute to rock your own suit
Let ya hair down
Why u sittin at the bar acting like u a star
Let ya hair down
Quit stressing your looks and rock to this hook

[Verse 1:]
I see ya in the corner
(With your nose up high actin all anti)
Youíre looking out of place
(Whatís the point why did you come to this joint)
Ya puttin too much on it
(Your attitude ainít even wanted)
Just have a good time
(Relax and let the tension unwind)


[Verse 2:]
Look over your shoulder
(Everybodyís sweating you couldnít be colder)
Did you wear the wrong shoes
(or is this party just too ghetto for you)
Acting like an outcast
(Frontin like you just donít wanna dance)
Why you trippiní when you
(Brought yourself on you-ainít nothing left to do but)


We keep it moving- itís moving
We keep it jumping- itís jumping
Itís non stoppiní - itís poppiní
Can u feel the heat
You need to get out your seat
You wanna bounce to this beat
You need to get on your feet
And just join in with me

[Hook repeat until fade]

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