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Betcha She

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Iíve been watching you
Wondering when you
When you goní notice that
Iíve been looking, all the while
Just been hoping that maybe
I can get you right where I want you
I heard that you got a girl, but I canít sweat that none
ĎCause when I see something I want, I get what I want

Betcha she donít do you like me
Betcha top dollar she donít move you like me
Betcha she
Betcha that she donít turn you on
You know that Iím the one you really want
Betcha she canít rock it like me
Bet you all I got she ainít hotter than me
Betcha she donít, betcha she wonít

I gotta be up front (who knows)
And if I sound real blunt (hey)
Itís only Ďcause Iím the type to put my feelings on the line
Every time I see something I like
Your girl says she loves you but
I cannot pay attention to anything I hear from her
Boy you know she must not be
Trying to keep a hold on you while youíre here with me


Youíre so fine
I want you to be the one
I call mine for sure
ĎCause sheís not right (no)
I ainít trying to be a hater or nothing,
But let me tell you something
She lost her game
So now I gotta do my thing

[HOOK (Repeat)]

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