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Hot And Wet

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[Verse 1:]
I wanna show you how I feel
Donít hold back
Heres my love
Baby youíre the one for me
How can we get down tonight
No more game lets spend some time
Baby wonít you give it to me
Jus give it to me baby

You donít know what
You do to me
The way you touch baby
([Slim:] Girl Iím tired of playing games are you ready)
I love it when youíre on top of it
So spread it
([Slim:] Wonít u just give it to me, girl we can do it)

Hot and wet
Girl u make me wanna sweat
When u touch me like that
Girl you know I wanna give it to you

[Verse 2:]
Baby now itís getting late
Donít stop now
I canít wait
To show u belong to me
Know how I like it
Take your time
Close your eyes
Let me show you what real love should be

[Repeat Chorus]

Now baby you donít work if u work it
Tweak it twork it
I feel like your every imperfection is perfect
Luda yea what you heard is true
Iíll make u do things you ainít even know you can do
Got them weak in the knees cuz my back is strong
And you wonder why your girls wanna tag along
Cuz them birds are jealous
My words are embellish
Plus they heard I kiss every curve and crevice
Iím too hot to handle
I rock your mantle
When I play 112 and light 16 candles
Deep sea fishing in your favorite position
Everytime you moan I pay close attention
Flip Ďem like a pancake
Show me something
Or we can break in your vibrating tongue ring
Lets mountain climb Ďtil we reach the peak
The technique will make u sweat
But donít sweat the technique

[Repeat Chorus till end]

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