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Feel The Love (Oomachasaooma)


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I saw you so pretty
Your face lit up the city
Two worlds came together
The memory stays for evermore

So different your fashion
You were the main attraction
Heads turning in wonder
I felt myself go under
'Ooh I'm a drowning man
Save me please
I need you so give me a helping hand

Nothing can stop you when you
Feel the love
No chains can hold you when you
Feel the love
Don't try to fight it when you
Feel the love
Nobody matters but the one you love

My intro I fumble
My facade starts to crumble
So strange your reaction
I made the right connection now

You got me no bother
I can't see any other
The world keeps on turning
I wouldn't care if it was burning
'Ooh I'm a drowning man
Save me please
I need you so give me a helping hand


It's a million to one
You should find the right door
But there's no guarantee
You'll find what you're looking for
Don't give up if you blow it the first time around
But you've got to beware
If you're walking on air
Keep your feet on the ground
(Keep your feet on the ground)

Don't stop me I'm not dreaming
I can't ignore this feeling
Your love is my lifeline
You're so right so fine so glad you're mine
'Ooh I'm a drowning man
Save me please
I need you so give me a helping hand

[CHORUS (Repeat to fade)]

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