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My Mind is Gone

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No keyboards, just Pearly Gates and a lot of sound pedals.

I have to go to my parole-boy
To remember just who I am
One thing else I don't enjoy is
Forgetting her monogram
She electrifies my physical mass
She really turns me on

My mind is gone
My mind is gone

She quite simply wrecks me
She just tears me apart
She screws me up and skewers me
She made it quite an art
She guts me like a hollow-point
She really turns me on

My mind is gone
My mind is gone

Yeah, Billy
I know what you mean

It's the smell of the dress
That made my mind a mess
It's her chokin' throat
Really gets my goat-tee and amen
Yes, indeed
She makes my head and heart bleed
Been so long since I knocked some off

My mind is gone
My mind is gone
My mind is gone
My mind is gone

Tell me about it

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