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Cover Your Rig

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If you been out messin' and actin' a fool
You best be confessin' hey, don't be cruel.
Just callin' attention you probably know
Don't hold on to nuthin', it's time to let go.
Lay baby I want 'cha, I'm hurtin' so big.
Take out some insurance, and cover your rig.
We talkin' resurrection to shred your head.
That certain possession you keep in yo' shed.
Don't wanna confuse you, muddy up yo' mind.
Let nothing abuse you or come from behind.
Say baby I want 'cha, I'm hurtin' so big.
Take out some insurance, and cover your rig.
If there's ever a question, take care of yourself.
Use your protection, be respecting yo'self.
Make no obligations, you can throw 'em to the wind.
Blind infatuations, the means to an end.
Say baby I want ya, I'm hurtin' so big
Take out some insurance, and cover your rig.

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