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One Of Those Days (Remix)

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Uh-oh ya know that voice right derre now dirty
Oh...its the world famous Ms. Whitney Houston
If ya rollin wit Nelly, Whitney get ya hands up
and if ya like the simple things get ya hands up
I aint bout no trial tribulation and if ya wanna go and take a vacation hey

[Whitney Houston]
Kick off my shoes and relax my feet (Relax yo feet)
Hit the kitchen grab a bite to eat (go head gurl)
It's been one of those crazy weeks (uh uh)
And I gotta do something special for me (just fo you ma)

See, hit the salon get a mani and a pedi (uh uh)
Have a massage, get a sip and then I'm ready (woo)
Gotta take time out (na na na)
And my real ladies know what I'm talking about (oh oh--c'mon)

[Sing] Oooooooh, baby baby (yeah)
You don't know what I've been going through (they dont know what you been going through baby
gurl, you need to let em know)
Sing it again now.
Oooooooh, baby baby
It's obvious to see exactly what I need (uh uh uh)

[Nelly in the background]

One of those days
(If you independant lady get ya hands up)
When the sun is shining bright
(ya wanna buy ya own Mercedes get ya hands up)
And my life is going right
(if ya rollin wit Nel and Whitney get ya hands up)
And the simple things are not wasted
(If ya like the simple things get ya hands up)

One of those days
(If you independant lady get ya hands up)
When you're cruising in your car
(ya wanna buy ya own Mercedes get ya hands up)
And you're out to see the stars
(If ya like the simple things get ya hands up)
And it's warm outside and beautiful

[Nelly: Verse Two]

Tonight, it's all about me (woo)
Just wanna set my body free
Never mind the TV
(cut the music)
Tonight I'll just let a little TV watch me (c'mon)
Light the candles, aroma therapy (woo)
Hot tub bubbles surrounding me
(who you got back there)
Mr. Big is in the background
(well well)
The Isley Brothers gonna hold it down... sing

(uh oh)

(Houston we got a problem)



Hush ma you aint gotta plead ya case
I understud you from the jump you said you need ya space
take whateva time is need to give you a piece of mind
cuz when you come home Im gonna give you a piece of mine
you like a back rub in da tub play in the suds a simple walk 'round the park and let you feed
the doves boo you my tenderony tell the homies no dibs and erry lil step you take is my
perogetive hey,
Call ya gurls take a gurly day off do da manies and da pedies whateva to stay soft cuz today
you the boss and puttin the cost and whoeva else don't like it than f*ck it its there lost.

[Chorus till the end]

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