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What Is Love?


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[Verse 1:]

Maybe I am foolishly in love with
Someone that is
Not exactly on the same page, that I am on
Well all my friends keep telling me stop
Walking round so blindly
But when he calls they're not around
To ever remind me


Maybe this isn't love, but if it isn't love then really what is love
Maybe I don't need to know whats really love
Cause when he's aournd he's got me feeling some kinda way

[Verse 2:]

I guess I kind of notioce he don't always act so kindly
But that doesn't stop my hunger, hunger for his heart
Why should I listen to thoes, who think that I should move on
Maybe what they see as drama, I see more as art



Cant seem to get past how he makes me feel
May not be love but it feels so real
Can't go with what they say must follow my heart
But now is that even being to to me
Maybe I'm happy, truly content
Maybe this is as good as it gets
Do I have faith in my confidence
Or an I just thinking all hopelessly


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