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Be Good To You

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[Verse 1:]
I'll never hurt you - Oh!
And you will never shed a tear for me
I know you're tired of
Being in and out of love with nothing to show,
And nowhere to go, but
Back to the same one only with a different face
But now you are in a different place
And if my words don't comfort you
Time will surely prove,
That I'll do just what I say

I'll only be good to you
(only be good to you)
Be like I should to you
(Be like I should to you)
Be everything (everything) to you bring you nothing but the good stuff
I'll give you good love
I'll only be good to you
(I'll only be good to you)
Be like I should to you
(Be like I should...Be like I should)
Be everything to you, said I'll be good to you, only be good to you
(Good to you - Oh)

[Verse 2:]
You say it's too good to be - too good
And I agree that the way it seems
Except for my instinct telling me it's something else
It's not a rebound or playground
But something that's real
I've got so much to give you
So don't you dare hesitate to receive it
If my words don't comfort you
Time will surely prove,
That I'll do what I say and more


I'll always be there when you fall
Never doubt my heart at all
It's you that I've chosen, you are my focus
And this ain't no phony disguise
You can see if you look down deep
They'll be nothing but good love
Good love coming from me - Oh


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