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Hottie With A Body

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She kinda think in the lips & hips (uh-huh)
She kinda cool when she hits the strip (uh-huh)
She gonna go where she wanna go, know who she wanna know
Never wait in line, always sittin’ in the front row
She kinda wild when she’s wildin’ out (uh-huh)
She kinda freaky when she’s at the house (uh-huh)
She gonna shake what her mama gave, turn her head the other way
Be the type of girl to teach a playa how to play the game

She’s the kinda girl that’s dangerous
Livin’ her life so scandalous
"Hypnotize" you like B.I.G., when she’s on the floor
Got you feelin’ like Busta, "Give Me Some More"...oh
I know, you know, I know...not Black Rob, but a body like "WHOA!"
Off the chain, mami’s hot 4 sho’
And I know she "gets around" like Tupac Shakur

She’s a hottie with a bod-ay...
And she knows how to part-ay...
All the fellaz wanna jock cuz that figure don’t stop
"Gotta-Get-Her" home with me... [2X]

She got me thinkin’ how to catch her eye (uh-huh)
She got me feenin’ like my first time (uh-huh)
I’m doin’ thangs that I never do, look at what I’m goin’ thru
Spot her in the crowd, got me messin’ up a step or two
She got me lookin’ at her hour glass (uh-huh)
She got me turnin’ just to watch her pass (uh-huh)
I wanna get shorty all alone, disconnect the telephone
Turn the lights down, never stop until I hear her moan


Same thang, different night...girl here we go again
Your body is incredible, do you have a friend
For my mans and them, if they feelin’ kinda freaky
Makin’ plans with them....gotta man, keep it sneaky
On the low, hush gotta know
Knock, knock, who’s there...girl tell me what the dillio
It’s silly yo, the way you work them curves
V-i-3, here to please & serve!


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