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Heaven 90210


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You see them coming, the queen of hearts and the king of fools,
Me and Innocence, just playing cards by the swimming pool.
They pull me out of an empty place, left me all alone I wanna touch you.
Think I'm movin' on back to Kansas
And I thought that savin' you would save me.

When she comes to me and takes my hand
When pain is all I know
She gives me heaven with thrills, 90210.

Lookin' at you as the sun was risin',
Nothin' to do just-a-watch at the man upon the moon
Look into his eyes and the sad blue glow, and it ain't surprisin', no,
To see a blind man lookin' twice before he crosses the road, yeah
Califor-ni-a, don't fall into the sea on me
The sun still shines in L.A. when you're gone.

When she comes to me and takes my hand
When pain is all I know
And gives me heaven with thrills, 90210
Just gives me heaven with thrills, 90210
She gives me heaven with thrills.

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