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hey kiss me
i kiss you
kiss me
i kiss you i know about you
i talk about you
i've been waiting for you
in everybody wants to know you
wrapped up in moon river then beyond the blinds
and the new white sliding into the city tunnel
beneath the feet of the people in the city roamin'
roamin' in the city
crossway boy
crossway boy
downtown waterfront boy in the shadows
of the she's on the phone
again she's on the phone
again she's calling from America
she's calling from america
she's searchin'(?)
she's moshing and the girls are diving
and the girls are up to something animal
boything up on the roof again
boything to be down there there's every kind of act
make it down to the Delaware(?)
an up in your head
moaner rudy get the
get the
get the
get the night
the city loves you
city loves a boyfriend long walks with a boyfriend
city loves a boyfriend friends walking with the boyfriend
and the nights with the boyfriend
and the city loves you
loves you
loves you loves everyone
everyone is smiling
the smiling is pushing it around
pushing it around
like the shadows of evolution in the dark
super boys where time is all
and where time is everything
where time is started(?)
time to earth
earth wind and fire
and the sun in your hair
black metal walls are falling
i'm the hunger
i'm metal
i'm stainless
i'm milk in your plastic
i'm left alone in a full moon with the only thing
i can do is lie awake on the floor
at night the doors are i can't awake
i can't awake
ah ah ah ah
the water into you(?) to me constantly
without again
without again
your telephone number through a glass of water
the door between is opened(?)
the silence is different
walks with the boyfriend the city
loves the boyfriend friends walking
friends walking with the boyfriend the city loves
the boyfriend everybody loves
the boyfriend you left me alone
you left me alone with a full moon
full moon
full moon
full moon
full moon
boys down on the waterfront.

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