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Thunderhead Hawkins

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I know a cabin down there in Tennessee
Where you can't find the forest on account of the trees
And Old Perry Foster he got something to say
And you can smell the pigs cuz' they been cookin' all day


I don't need no critics
I don't need no suits
I just need somebody who can tell me the truth
You can keep your opinions
You can keep on walkin'
I'm gonna raise my glass yeah to Thunderhead Hawkins


Miss Mary Jane she always looks like a star
But the rock n roll banker likes to sleep in his car
You won't hear no opry you'll hear six strings
And you won't know what to do when you hear Thunderhead sing


Now Mr. Hawkins got a family tree
He got that their legendary cabin down in Tennessee
You know he'll hook up that guitar everybody gather round
You stay close to the fire when the sun goes down
Old Brother Merle he's always waiting in the wings
Only man up in them woods wearin' all them gold rings
Old Mr. Hawkins he won't do nobody wrong
But he'll he'll tear your heart out with one sad song


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