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Numb (The Soul Assassins Mix)

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One nine nine three
Soul Assassins come to deal with roughneck destruction

I feel numb

U2 come down with the matter of numb business

Top of the matter

Don't move
Don't talk out of time
Don't think
Don't worry everything's just fine
Just fine

Don't grab
Don't clutch
Don't hope for too much
Don't breathe
Don't achieve
Or grieve without leave

Don't check
Just balance on the fence
Don't answer
Don't ask
Don't try and make sense

I feel numb

Don't whisper
Don't talk
Don't run if you can walk
Don't cheat, compete
Don't miss the one beat

I feel numb

Don't travel by train
Don't eat
Don't spill
Don't piss in the drain
Don't make a will

Don't fill out any forms
Don't compensate
Don't cower
Don't crawl
Don't come around late
Don't hover at the gate

Don't take it on board
Don't fall on your sword
Just play another chord
If you feel you're getting bored

I feel numb

Don't be heavy
Don't be unkind
It's not that bad
Just try and unwind

I feel numb

Don't change your brand
Don't listen to the band
Don't ape
Don't gape
Don't change your shape
Have another grape

Come on, come on, hey
I feel numb
Come on, come on, hey
I feel numb
Come on, come on, hey
I feel numb
Come on, come on, hey
I feel numb
Come on, come on, hey
I feel numb
Come on, come on, hey
I feel numb

Don't plead
Don't bridle
Don't shackle
Don't grind
Don't curve
Don't swerve
Lie, die, serve

Don't theorize, realise, polarise
Glance, dance, dismiss, apologise

Don't spy
Don't lie
Don't try
Start again

Don't drive
Don't coax
Don't cling
Don't hoax
Don't freak
Don't leak
Don't speak

Don't project
Don't connect
Don't expect

Don't project
Don't connect
Don't expect

I feel numb

Don't follow
Don't suffer
Don't touch
Don't dine
Don't bathe
Don't shave
Don't shower

I feel numb

Don't protest
Don't guess
Don't bless
Don't rest
Don't act

I feel numb

I feel numb

I feel numb

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