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Through Your Eyez

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Through your eyes you think weíre all the same
Through your eyes weíre all the same
Through your eyes you think weíre all the same
Through your eyes weíre all the same

[Chorus (2x):]
Through your eyes you think weíre all the same (Tell me can you see me now?)
Through your eyes weíre all the same
(t-t-t-t-t-t-t-tell me can you see me now?)

Iím an optical illusion
Your expectations of me awaiting stone like Medusa
Lashing at me ripping out my mortal being
But your foundation is flimsy and slowly crumbling
Everything has an end
Now letís pretend that pipe dreams are made of medicine
Make me feel better again
Made me feel better than them
Or true or false sitting together again
I canít despise the way you capitalize
On situations the way you always seem to
It's been a surpise the way you speak those lies
Reassuring and convincing me that Iím somebody, too
But Iím not
See, you wouldnít comprehend this
Insignificant magic deep within, inside
But you wouldnít realize
That if I was looking through your eyes then I would wanna die

[Chorus (2x)]

I need the bogs and jungles and planets that you ainít never heard of
Sit with gorillas in the mist and blaze the herb up
My thoughts are fixed with a 12 gauge
My skin is all covered in paint from head to toe trying to hide me from the sun rays
My wicked ways will be death of yíall
My reflection is your curtain call
Bless me father, hear us all
My contemplations premeditated
Iím heavily medicated
Into the underground is what Iím dedicated
I canít handle so I blaze the weed
And I give a fuck less bitches if ya hating me
Just wait and see in turn full circle on the bottom again
Lookin up watching all the clouds
Turn purple, like your back ass out
I thought I told yíall motherfuckers, bitch we donít die

[Chorus 2x]

I ainít the one to blow your head off to the scapegoat
The one you bitches blame cause you sinking in your boat
Bitch I slit your god damn throat
And leave ya twitching
Twiztid ainít the reason why yo ass bullshitting
Them scared of playing us
Underground bitches, it ainít no love for the famous
Get your ropes cut quick, low maintenance
Sitting in the dark and I ainít got to make the playlist

Effortless excuses (my bad)
For why they donít saturate situations for they nooses
And who are we to go and call you out?
We done heard all the stories and donít what the fuck they talking about
Iím not a puppet, so donít pull my strings
I donít need nobody trying to hold me, console me, control me, shit
Youíre the one trying to change me, make me into something that Iím not

[Chorus (4x)]

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