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Monoxide, blaze up a smoke!
Monoxide, blaze up a smoke!

I might smoke a Marlboro for the fuck of it
But I'ma keep it menthol till you all wanna puff on it
Rough and ragged, and my voice is all raspy
Teeth all rotten and yellow, my breath nasty
I smoke 3, 4, 5 packs a day
Just rotting my moustache away
It ain't no time to play, cause I get winded so quick
And when I spit it's so yellow and thick it'll probably make you sick
And wanna throw up
Now, baby, hold up
What you mean it ain't no smoking in there?
I'm about to blow up
I like my shit whenever, know what I mean?
And I can't help it if you can't appreciate my nicotine
I'm not a quitter
So laugh and give no love that patch
I'd rather smoke by the pack
Now where my mothafucking smokers at?
Now light it up and take a hit
You gotta admit that you addicted to my menthol, bitch

Monoxide, blaze up a smoke!
Monoxide, blaze up a smoke!
Monoxide, blaze up a smoke!
Monoxide, blaze up a smoke!

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