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Twist My Arm

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There She Blows, Jacque Cousteau
Hear her sing so sweat and low
Lull me overboard, cold-out
Gathered in a swallowed hole.

Do I want to? With All that charm
Do I want to? Twist my arm

You just hit me where I live
I guess it looked quite primitive
What was that supposed to prove?
Throw the calf or he'll throw you

Sucked in by the victim world
Thirsty as a cultured pearl
Culled and wooed, bitten chewed
It won't hurt if you don't move

Do I want to? With All that charm
Do I want to? Twist my arm

Musical chairs, double dares , memorized stairs
Shootin' of flares, springtime hairs and broken down mares

Coward phones , big soup stones, pride less loans
Grill-sick cows, motel moans and big fat Jones

Martyrs don't do much for me
Though I enjoy them vicariously
After you No, after me
No I insist please after me

Do I want to? With All that charm
Do I want to? Twist my arm

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