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Glory Of The 80's

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I took a taxi from LA to Venus
In 1985 I was electromagnetically sucked
Back in to a party going on that night
It was the glory of the 80's
With karma crawn up in lines
And two bugle boys models saying 'baby.
It's a freebee you sure look deprived'
I had the Story of O in my bucket seat
Of my wanna be Mustang
Auditioning for reptiles in their
Raquel Weish campaign
IN the glories of the 80's
You said "I'm not afraid to die"
I said I don't find that remotely funny
Even on this space cake high
And then when it all seemed clear
Just then you go and disappear
Silicone pary barbies
To the left and
Joan of Arcs to the right
No one feeling insecure
We were all gorge and famous in our last lives
In the glories of the 80's
You said 'the end is nothing to fear'
I said -blow the end- nowbaby
Who do I gotta shag ot get outt here
And then when it all seemed clear
Just then you go and disappear
Sure you're out there
orbitiong around
Wish I had you back now
I met a drag king call venus
She had a velvet hologram
She said 'my husband ran off with my shaman
But they love me as I am'
In the glories of the 80's
I may not have to die
I'll clone myself
Like that blonde chich
That sings Bett Davis Eyes
And then whenit all seemed clear
Jut then you go and disappear

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