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Can't Get Away

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I miss the sand on the concrete floor
I miss the way it was before
no one even knew me
your eyes looked right through me
And I'm taking off your clothes
And you bloom like a rose

I can't get away from you

And where the ocean meets the land
Is like the sliding of your hand
Prickles up my skin
And I can feel the changing weather
While alone along that coast
Sense memories of your ghost

I can't get away from you

Deliver me, shut me up
Deliver me
Give into me, Release
Deliver me, deliver me

Through the airport corridors
In magazines in stores
If I see your face once more
Cause you know I can't ignore it
I recognize that pose
When you bloomed like a rose

I can't get away from you

The jeep gets broke on a blown out road and I'm a tourist with a real light load
Will the government hold one month away, missed our places where we always stay
How come we always pick these spots
Feeling like a have in the land of have nots, sleeping on cots
Wishing that I had some tater-tots

And there's postcards written
I know I'll never send
The moment is gone and won't come again
I ride with souls who find no peace
Still I look to you to find release

And the travelers return
Through the panic doors
Walking through the airport corridors
Welcome back now from the foreign shores
And I walk alone
And the ghost that I carry is your
Tiger shark is azure blue
I hope the vision you had returns to you

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