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Too Late To Quit

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Takes all my might
To find a hole that feels right
To bury myself
In a deep sleep at night
I hear a voice
Coming from the hillside
Says Iíll show you the way
I will show you the light

But Iím tired
Iím tired
Iím much too tired
Iím tired

Heís says I know where you were headed
And youíre half way there
But youíve got to be careful
Youíve got to beware
Some people want to hurt you
Some people donít care
But Iím never gonna give you
Any more than you can bare


Thereís nothing left here to rise above
Weíre not talking boutí that kind of love
Youíve got people here counting on you
Nowís a good time
To learn how to pull through

Sometimes a good idea
Just isnít enough
Youíve got to do the work
Now get your ass up
There isnít really such a thing as bad luck
Yeah, but once I shot an arrow
In the sky and it stuck


Youíve got to keep moviní
Youíve got to keep pushiní
Youíre never gonna get back
Anymore than youíre giviní
Life is for the living
Youíve got to be williní
A song ainít a song
Until someone starts singiní


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