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Health And Hapiness

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Maybe itís not
That I donít care anymore
Maybe I just never did
You canít say
That I have ever lied
Because I keep the truth well hid
Tell me whatís wrong
Is something wrong?
You canít be sad
When something you have never had
Suddenly feels gone

I wish you health
I wish you happiness
But absolutely nothing else

Iím not here to keep an eye on you
I think you misunderstood
I could make things easy for you
I wonít
But I could
Does that make you sad?
Causeí you look sad
You should be glad
For what youíve had
And donít feel bad
I could wish less for you


There is no distance here
To get across
Thereís nothing to grip

Or get a hold
The emptiness you feel
Is nothing at all
Now nobody brake any bones
It could be worse
Yeah it can get worse
Youíve got your strength
And you have got your health
You should be worried boutí
Somebody else


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