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Sister Awake

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when the winter was over
she returned there to find him
and her memories filled her with light

she remembered the beauty
she remembered desires
and her memories filled her with light

i am the sun in the flame
cold from the flame turns away
and in these winds came a change
she awakes...

sister walk through these fields of delight
but I want you to know
desperation's the tenderest trap
so gently you go
what will it take
sister awake

when this beautiful cult of desire
has left you for dead
isolation will cradle the lies
of things left unsaid
what will it take
sister awake

and you'll look to the heavens above
and taste it's deceit
these temptations have blinded desires
to sleep at their feet
what will it take
sister awake

and you'll hear them call out your name
invoking the fates
chances are you've travelled too far
in stirring their hate
what will it take
sister awake

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