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Horrified Nights


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A yo I'm coming with aggression
No question I'm steadily progressing
I'm rhyming with time and money invested
I've been stressing, since I was an adolescent
Now shit's so dope I can get charged with possession
Professional, since cut from the umbilical
Battle me your battle 'all be hysterical
Don't trip or you'll get whipped out this mircale
I'm very cool and put in a hot situation
For real, I'll send you on a permanent vacation
I'm lacing this track I attack with anger
Lure you into my tent and scream "Rebenga!"
Now watch the blood spit as you die
Sparks fly, when real killers collide
I'm fearless, that's why you feel this inside
I'm clever, I never ever let shit slide
I electrify the next to try to tangle
With Madchild, will get worked from every angle
I dismantle and handle with chaos and mayhem
And cold rock a party, until the A.M.

We'd like to take this time to give the competition thanks
So the people in my ranks got a chance to use their shanks
We'd like to take this time for the competitions aid
Cause I finally got a chance to test my new razor blades
We'd like to take this time for the competitions heist
It was useful in the usage of my quarterless floodlight
We'd like to take this time to give the competition praise
For donations of dental records after I set to blaze
As long as the competition knows that we're still here
And allow us to chance with advance the study of bacterial warfare
And thank y'all for being so up in my buisness
And help me to develop a way to commit crimes without a witness
And the competition knows I know that they ain't coming clean
So I perfected the work and angular release of my guillotine
And vitalize my thesis of the effects of strictning nicotine
On a human frame with an armor pleaded bloodstream
And I'd like to thank the competition for being liars
When they claim they protect the sire
But weren't able to borrow my intro with two black gloves and a yard of piano

That's when i come back in attacking rapidly
Once I get inside your faculty, I'm causing a catastrophe
Survivors try to retaliate, only to learn
They definitely crossed the line, past the point of no return
Look back you'll crash and burn, but you'll have to wait your turn
I take them down one at a time, do my crime and put in work
You shouldn't jerk this chain you can't handle the downpore
Talking shit behind my back, what the fuck you hang around for?
I'm down for, my family and don't mind taking chances
I'll go that extra mile as Madchild quickly advances

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