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Birth-Day (Love Made Real)

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one thing I know
this pain will go

step through all that's left to feel
I wait to meet my love made real

don't move don't touch
don't talk so much

strip and find the place to kneel
I wait to meet my love made real

one thing I know

this day will go

don't touch don't talk crawl the wall
she's the ticket to the future don't listen down the hall
you can say your prayer to the head of this bed
when it begins at your knees and goes right to your head


strap me down from wrist to heel
I wait to meet my love made real

one thing I know
this day will go

shake all over like an old sick dog
there's a needle here needle there tremble in the fog
it's a tight squeeze vice grip ice and fire
she's a hot little treasure and the wave goes higher

birth-day [X2]

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