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Not Nothin'

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Hello I'm sitting here
Thinking and writing
Writing and talking
Without you

Situated in the corner of the corner
So far from nothing
Suspecting not accepting
That it's true

It really hits me when I'm
Walking into the market
I hear things I used to say
Is it wrong to be here anyway

Fade away
What was I thinking when I thought I could make you stay
What was I thinking when I thought I was right
Not nothin'

I'm on to something here
It's all becoming clear
Clearly confusing
Less than amusing
Castrated like a corpse to a coroner
So close to nothing
Forgetful not regretful
Of what I am

It really hits me when I'm
Hanging with other monkeys
Thinking of shit to say
Is it wrong to be here anyway

I'm on to something
It's something I'm on to
but it's really nothing

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