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Nothing Looks Good

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(nothing looks good on me but you)
(nothing looks good on me but you)

Tried to go on without you
That doesn't seem to work
I tried to forget all about you
That only hurts me worse

Well, I try on smile but it doesn't feel right
Everyone knows that I'm fakin'
But I say goodbye with the tears in my eyes
Baby, my poor heart is breakin', breakin'

Can't help what I'm feelin' when
I look in the mirror; it
Couldn't be any clearer
Cuz nothing looks good on me but you
I just have to say that
Baby, you're the greatest and
I don't think I can shake it
Cuz nothing looks good on me but you

And you know it
Baby, why don't you turn back
I miss the way that you hold me
Like in that picture of you makin' me laugh

Well, I tried to go out with some other guys
But that only put me back where I started
Cuz deep down below I'm just dying inside
Knowin' full well where my heart is, heart


(nothing looks so good on me but you, baby...)

No baby, nothing fits
I can't make any sense of this
Just thinking about your lips on mine
I need you to know
I made the biggest mistake of my life
I need your love so
Can we talk about it tonight
Baby, let's talk about it


(nothing looks so good on me but you, baby)
(you're the best thing I ever had)
(nothing looks so good, no no)
(nothing looks so good on me but you)
(nothing, nothing looks good on me but you)

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