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Break Back

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Maybe it was more than just a need
The way I needed more than you for me to succeed
In this world of hate that only lives for one thing
For us to suffer, for us to suffer
Maybe it was more than just a joke
The way you always laughed and you never broke
Into a sea of tears cause it was never provoked
And now you suffer, and now you suffer

[Chorus x2]
So break back
Another heart attack
And we could live life again

Maybe it was more than just the hand of fate
The day you crossed my path and I couldn't see straight
Into this world of ours and how it soon would break
And how we suffer, how we suffer
Maybe it was more than just a little mistake
When I left you here without a word to say
Except I'll see you again another time and place
And now I suffer, how I suffer

[Chorus x2]
[Lead break]
[Chorus x2]

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