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Mission Cleopatra


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[Snoop Dogg]
Yeah, believe it
J-A-M-E-L with the Bigg D-O-double-G (Woof!)
D-A-Z, DPG family, ooh wee (ooh wee!)
Yeah yeah... [crow]

You say you wanna party wit us, well
C'mon baby lemme see you get up, and
Quit playin' and do what I'm sayin'
We got a whole lot of fools if you plan on stayin, WE'RE ALL THE SAME
No matta where you at, in the Bentley or, or in the ghetto
We keep the hot metal
Settle down, and pass it around
Cause we havin' a good time while I'm in your town
French eyes and with French fries and French thighs
It's D-O-double-G and I'ma do it to ya ten times
Flizzy, hizzigh, wizzie
Operation Cleopatra, comin' right at 'cha
I'm tryna holla at you homie pick up yo cell
DPG, hell yeah I got some suckers on my tail
Could you make 'em bail...

[Jamel Debbouzze]
Ca fait plaisir!

[Hook (Jamel Debbouzze) {Snoop Dogg}]
We gonna party (pour voir les meufs!)
So get the party started (Eh vous habitez où?)
We gonna party {We gonna shake it up... do it to ya... uuh!}
We gonna party (yeeahh!)
So get the party strated (Mais c'est super!)
We gonna party {We gonna set the mood on the groove!}

[Jamel Debbouzze (Snoop Dogg)]
You say you wanna party with us, well
C'mon baby lemme see you get up, and
And what's my motherfuckin' name? (JAMEL! Snoop Dogg ...)
Dogg Jamel c'est mon nouveau prénom
C'est comme ça qu'Snoop Dogg il a dit qu'j'm'appelle et il a raison
Eh les gars, (ooh wee ooh wee) moi c'est Dogg Jamel! (winny winny)
O.K "We all the same" ça veut dire on est les même SNOOP!
Ton copain là-bas qui fume d'la weed
(arab) de mon copain Hamed
Hamed, la weed, ti suite ti suite, la weed (PARTY!)
Ti suite tous les jours y'a des gens qui m'énervent
Snoop et moi on aimerait bien les voir avec un minerve
Mais pas la peine d'se vénère
Ce soir on va s'la faire.. (Check this out... CHUUUCH!)

[Hook (Snoop Dogg)]
We gonna party (CHUUUCH!)
So get the party started (c'mon sing it... CHUUUCH!)
We gonna party (sing it wit me c'mon... CHUUUCH!)
(Everybody c'mon, CHUUUCH!)
We gonna party (Yeah sing it.. CHUUUCH! A little louder!)
So get the party started (CHUUUCH!)
We gonna party (Yea yeah... nuttin' but a party y'all, party y'all....)

[Jamel Debbouzze (Snoop Dogg)]
Trappes, LA, la même
Les mêmes p'tits traffics, les mêmes remises de peine (Yeah man!)
Ah ah... You know what I'm sayin'. Dogg Jamel! (Check this out)

[Hook 2 (all) {Jamel Debbouzze}]
Party party party (Dogg Jamel) {Yeah!}
(Dogg Jamel) {Ok!} (Dogg Jamel)
Party party party (Dogg Jamel, Dogg Jamel) {Alain Chabat!) (Dogg Jamel)
Party party party (Dogg Jamel) {Astérix!} (Dogg Jamel)

CHUUUCH! {On y va les gars! Tout le monde tout le monde!} (CHUUUCH! C'mon sing... CHUUUCH!)
(Sing it wit me c'mon... CHUUUCH!)
(Everybody c'mon CHUUUCH!)
We gonna party (Yeah, sing it CHUUUCH!)
So get the party started (CHUUUCH!... A lil' louder!)
We gonna party (CHUUUCH! Yea yeah. It'w what I'm talkin' about)
{In the break-a zone!}

We gonna party (Bigg Top Selecta) {yeah}
We gonna party (Bigg Snoopy D-O-double-Gizzle... CHUUUCH!)
(With my nephew Jamizzle) {Jamizzle!}
(Fo shizzle dizzle, it's off the hizzzle! fo rizneal!) {fo rizneal!}
(Can you fizzle?) {Can you fizzle?}
(Oh!) {Oh, il est pas content!}
(You don't hear what I'm talkin' about...
You can hear me don't you hear but ya fell me don'tchu don'tchu don'tchu?)
(Woogie woogie) {woogie woogie!}
(Boogie boggie!)
(Doggy Doggy!) {Doggy doggy!}
(I got that smokey smokey!) {smokey smokey}
(Don't you wanna smokey smokey?)

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