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Let's Get Naked


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You wont see Smilez in the club
Unless them chicks is X'ed out, weeded up, ready to fuck
Man we X'ed out, weeded up, ready to fuck
Forget your house, man we can do this in the club
What I'm about, throughin it up in your gut
Give your ass so much you be throughin' it up
You know its a must, that I be tossin' it up
(?) to the Gentlemen's Club, what
When I enter, chicks know
Everything comin off, when they see the doe
[Girl] you best to get naked, slide down that pole
I got your (?) slide throw your thong
You know how that goes
These hoes see no doe if they got them boomerang toes
Chicks pluckin' and coughing up clothes
Suckin' and jerkin' us all
Sing the song

Let's get naked in here
Let's stop thinkin' in here
Take off your bras and if you dont care
Girls in the front, in the middle, in the rear
[Girl] Let's get naked
Let's get naked in here
Let's stop thinkin' in here
Take off your pants
Show me your thong girl if you dont care
You know the song
[Girl] Lets get naked

Now listen hear
This aint for all them chicks thats modelin'
See this is for all y'all chicks swalowin', coplan
For all of dem hoes that fallowin'
These dolla bills got y'all hoes a hollerin'
Girls be frontin', first date, no sex
Have you ever picked up a shorty in a new Lex
Show up at her door with an icey neck
Blue face, rollex with icey bergets
Been throughh it all yeah
I'ma tell you the deal
I be all up in the club just playin' (?)
Buy the bar out spend it, part of my mill
Shit, i got yall thinkin' ima pay yall bills
You know what i want just go rip off the thong
Go ahead rip off the thong
I wanna get head yeah wile im singin my song
Feel the track, go and move your body along
Maybe only 150
But my dick is strong


Look at me, I'm about to get naked
I'm on point so I hope you can take it
Look at me I'm about to get naked
I hope you can take it

(What you got bitches nigga, listen)
Ay yo dowg I got classy to sassy to nasty
Go to flip flop ashy
Chicks that will take it all to they voice raspy
Chicks that love the flow and wanna marry me

You know I love the
Pamela Lee, freaky chicks
Vanessa Delree, or dick takin chicks
Extra shit, that don't get mad when I switch
'Cause I switch more then them 6-4 (?)

Ay yo Smilez let me tell you about this girl I met
Whispered in her ear (what up ma)
Got her wet
She got naked right there on the stop
Up in the place
Dime peace, fat ass slim in the waste
Big tits, I love how she worked her hips
You showed have seen how this girl was diggin her lips
Lapdance, you should have seen her ridden the dick
I'm going back tonight dawg
'Cause that chick was sick

[HOOK x2]

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