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SKUNK ANANSIE LYRICS & MIDI also provides software that can be used to write your own lyrics and music. Something similar to Used from SKUNK ANANSIE.  

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Used to be a dirty little girl
Used to be a long lost daughter
Used to be the apple of your eye
Used to be the lie that I told you

Used to be the scratch on your face
Used to be the pain in the evening time
Used to be your neverending tale
Used to be the sun that shines in hell

But that's all over now
Used to be the sun that shines in hell
But that's all over now, that`s all over

How long, will I be
The butt of your sincerity
How long will I feel used

Used to be a cocky little shit
Used to be the scream that it's over
Used to be the late night fight
Used to be the winner in the morning time

Used to be the one you'd hate the most
Used to be the smile when I slapped you
Used to be a saint to your friends
Used to be the sun that shines in hell

[Repeat Chorus]

How long will I feel used
What I feel, Used
What I feel, Used

[Repeat Chorus]

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