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Your Love Is Incredible

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Oh baby baby yeah
Baby baby

Girl I peeped you on the corner
So I rolled up on ya late one Saturday
You was peelin a banana
I was lookin at ya
Thinkin she freaky

(That night)
That night I gotta getcha
Gotcha Gucci underwear in my back pocket
Mmm and I can't get you outta my mind
Girl I can't get enough of it

Your love is incredible
You can say it's unforgettable
Can't believe it's merely sexual
Cuz your love is incredible incredible
Said your love is incredible
You can say it's unforgettable
Can we make it more than sexual
Cuz your love is incredible incredible

I'm thinkin about the things that you did to me
Imagine your body movin like a centipede
I want ya to know that I'm ready to be
All over your body
(Baby you got all I need)

I like the way you got the softest lips
Infatuated by the way you kiss me
Oh girl I'm tellin you wit you is where I wanna be
You know you drive me crazy


Break it down
Break it down
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
I know that your love is



[CHORUS to fade]

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