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Enchantment Passing Through


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Yeah yeah yeah

A few more days we'll be home in glory
Already they'll be getting out the flags
With Memphis high motive dilatory
Still I only see a lot of snags

Just because I've triumphed as a slaver
Brought beauty back to Egypt by the ton
Of this and every month now I'm the flavor
And scheduled to do things I've never done

And why should I tell you this
A stranger I just met
A woman who in hours from now I'll certainly forget
Anonymous and undemanding
Enchantment passing through
My secrets and my confidence
Are safe enough with you

My days out in the field are all but ended
They'll put me out to grass which means the throne
Bedecked with jewels alongside my intended
I feel as if my heart is set in stone




[CHORUS (2x)]

Yeah yeah oh yeah
Is safe enough with you

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