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I Want To Be With You


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[Phone Rings]

[Silkk/(Female 1)]
(Hello, Hey wassup)
I'm just chillin Wassup wit you
(Nothin I just was callin to see what you was doing
cus you know i have 2 tickets to the game and i wanted to see did you want
to go)
Well I'm in the studio right now working on this song nahmean?
(Oh forreal well go head do your thang)
A'ight that's my people on the other line
I'm gonna talk you later a'ight

[Silkk/(Female 2)]
(Hey where you at)
at the studio
(Man you and that studio make me sick)
Man you trippin
(You need to come home)
(Cuss i need to go shopping)
Aight i'm gonna come home right now a'ight
(Naw Naw forget it just stay where you at and when
you do decide 2 come home bring me a ring or something )
I might change this bullshit man bye man

Girl I think i wanna be with you
But it's something that I just can't do
I wanna be faithful
See that's just me what i'm going through
I know i ought to be with you
know i need you but i can't keep you
I got to maintain my cool
Maybe i'm a fool
Can't keep you

[Silkk The Shocker]
Yo Yo Yo I never was the type to stress
Get It off my chest
yall can deal
if yall was real
yall can fill in the rest
we both say yes
guess we were both like phony
jumped in too quick
ideally cus we both was lonely
we go 2 stores and you never peek at the price
Treat you right had a bad day i just greet you with ice
you know Silkk The Shocker hang with the thugs and the dealers
wasn't the realest Never the type to get in to expressing my feelings
I ain't gon lie It wasn't all bad
Some was good
matter fact it was all that'
Sometimes i feel like we just didn't match
Found a friend
But only friend till then you alwayz came first
Never type to creep Alwayz tried to make things work
What What


[Silkk The Shocker]
I wanna be with you but i can't hope you understand and all
Tried to make this thang work
Got knocked you'll be the first person i call
Now with you can be myself
with her it's like i'm living a lie
I do everything for her it seems like she never satisfied
If i give her 3 karats then she probably want four
If I wanna go places then she probably just don't wanna go
Now sometimes I feel like we settled
in the back of our minds
we all feel like we can find something better
Now with you it' like you know me
Like her she really don't understand me
I know I live the way I live
But she's all for changing me
I don't care for girl with no money
When I come home I ain't tryin to cuss
Am I asking for much?
But I can't sit here and pretend
I don't care
To have both yall along
That wouldn't be fair
So if it's a puzzle
I think I maybe just missing a clue
Leave or Stay?
God tell me what's a nigga to do
What What What

[Chorus till fade]

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