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Another Door Opens

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It takes time (here in this crazy life)
To find what I've been looking for
This dream of mine (burnin' inside)
Has seen its share of slammin' doors
I get closer everyday
With every single step I take

Oh one door closes another door opens
Love or money it all keeps going on
World keeps spinnin' and I'm beginnin' to find my way (find my way)
Smart moves, mistakes, big breaks, heartaches
They've all made me who I am today
(I'll keep going on) One door closes another door opens

Just when I believed (I've really got it all)
I'm right where I wanna be
It's not as it seems (I tend to fall)
And when I get back on my feet
Before the tears dry on my face
I see I'm in a better place

[Repeat Chorus]

Oh, oh, oh
Day by day by hour by minute
The more I give, the more I'm gettin'
It keeps me movin' on on on

[Repeat Chorus]

One door closes another door opens
One door closes another door opens
Oh oh yeah, yeah yeah

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