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Never Change Me

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We started out fine, I thought you were right
But girl I was mistaken
You criticise me, and all that I do
And the friends I have too
You loved what I did, And all that I said
So why you wanna change me
I see it all now, It's so clear
What you try to do to me

You aren't the same
You want me in chains
Baby no way
No no

You can never change me
Never tame me
I'll keep on doing what I do
I thought you knew
So why you wanna change me
Quit bugging me
I'll keep on doing what I do
So it's up to you

Ain't taking no more, And that's for sure
In case you didn't know that
I'll do what a do, I'll be who I be
Do you even know me
What happen to you, You used to be cool
But now you acting crazy
Quit nagging on me, I got to feel free
So you just have to trust me

You aren't the same
You want me in chains
Baby no way
No no

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