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Xmas Day


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One step in the dark
Touch her hand just to see
If she's all alone again
Still she hasn't seen sun
But I promise you now when she wakes
There will be none
Don't know how she gets by
Sleeps with a phone on her chest
And a bottle that's totally dry
Forgets the day I was born
But if she saw me right now

She would hold me until we both die

I could be the one who would die to
feel you breathe

I could break into a million pieces
So just run as fast as you can for me
You mean everything

I can't deny her. I'll do whatever
To stop all the bleeding that makes
her world so red
Such a delicate one
She screams so loud that I run to
hide from the sound
And I could be the one who would die
to feel you breathe
But it's too far-gone
And this love must die

[Chorus repeat 4x]

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