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Same Old Song

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I see you're calling me again,
What could you possibly want?
I thought that we could be friends,
But now I know it was a front

Yeah, I'm alright
That's just the way that I was dealt.
I'm trying to make it up in this life
But I'm receiving no help.

No help at all
And no holds barred
But little did I know
That I would be scarred
I'm left all by myself
For about a second or two
You know, out with old
You know, and in with the new

First you say whoa
Then you say yeah
Get your hands up
Throw your hands in the air [x4]

smoked it, provoked it
Then I'd pass it down the line
tonight whoses gettin f**ked cause its 1999
hotter than a shot of moonshine
my state of mind
Up with the ultimate crime
today is the day that tomorrow will never see
and if You live in yesterday's world
You'll never be free
I keep going,for knowing,
flowing for the sake to be strong
As I walk down that road
singing the same old song


Well I would cry tears
But they stopped falling long ago
Back when my visions and dreams
Reportedly did not show, so
I cannot be the sympathetic soul
that you are searching for
But best believe that when you leave
You'll hear the slamming of the door
Yeah I'm alright,
I'm not perfect like you
And if you had a clue
You'd know my mental stays true
So go on back to that place
where I am safe
back where my visions and dreams stay true till today


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