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All Right By Me

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You got to move it got to groove it
Got to get into it
Intuition that I listen too
Gets me through it
I pursue it so I knew it
That I had to do it
Don't got to prove it that I'm fluid
and I'm getting stupid
But you never knew how clever now that this could be
And we're fine to blow your mind with this energy
It's who I am and what we represent
The place where we came, Planet Earth resident

It's alright by me, it's alright tonight.
We are the ones that make you go wow
That make you move now
You got to get loud

I remember Junior High School
The place we learned to be cool
Wearing Parachute Pants,
showing kids how to breakdance
Skateboarding in your neighbors pool
I did a lot of dumb shit,
and most of the time I got caught
Next I was sent to Military Academy
But Marching my ass off,
it just didn't seem right to me
So I became a casualty of war
You know like the kid next door
It's alright by me, it's alright tonight.
We are the ones that make you go wow
That make you move now
You got to get loud
It's alright by me, it's alright tonight.
Somebody, Anybody, Everybody now
You got to get down, you got to get down

It's alright, it's alright, by me

I got my good side on my left,
I got my bad side on my right
And yo which side will I be walking with tonight
Stay positive even if we get beat down
Cuz what goes around you know it comes around
I drink Gin from Bombay
Getting ill everyday
Every morning, every night 420 twice a day, hey
I'm not the average type of guy
And when I walk in the room,
you know the ladies know why

It's Alright.....

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