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Sorry My Friend

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I wrote this song for you to say i'm sorry
I know that I was wrong and you don't like me
Why, why, why
Must you feel this way?
I wish I had the words
I needed to say

'Cause you and me
We disagree
On everything and everyone
I only want to be your friend again

I hear you're blaming me for all your problems
Well if you'd quit complaining you might solve 'em
I'll try hard to make amends
But both of us will have to try and give in

[repeat chorus]

I'm sorry for the things that turned out this way
I wish I knew the words I needed to say
But you and me we never seem to see eye to eye
But I'm sure that we can get along
If we try
If you want to you can just walk away
But I hope you know apologies
Are okay

[repeat chorus]
[repeat chorus]

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