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You Could Never

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[Verse One]
I don't bust guns, I bust rhymes to see funds
Four-four caliber tongue, you want some?
Let me know, K.O. flows, ya gots none
Let me know, that you don't speak 'til I'm done
And ya know, double-S straight to ya chest
Storch and Sarai, now who the best?
He's all I work with y'all, nuttin less
Infra-Red's the click I rep to the death
Hold tight, see light ya just might
Back hand like Van Damme all on the mic stand
.. go off like Lara Croft
Fire hair, hard body, killin you so soft
Like it better when they turn the lights off
Get gone, get in the zone, let's get it on
It's a shame, you was smilin when you came
Cryin when you left, what, thought it was a game?

No matter what they say, I'm just gon' do my thing
Straight up hurt this game, y'all know you could never hold me
Though they hate a lot, I still come out on top
Try to take my spot, y'all know you could never hold me

[Verse Two]
I got, nuttin but hits that's hot
Came in at the top from the first single dropped
I'm everything that yo' not, takin yo' spot
I Sarai be the sho' shot
Soon as I stepped on stage I blow spots
Got Liberace feelin my ghost, I glow rocks
Sparklin baby, like Perrier pop
Got demos at the crib that ain't never been copped
Better, when they put me under pressure
The secret weapon, I'm the hidden treasure
Diamond in the rough, carats beyond measure
Bars I drop for y'all, my pleasure
Hoodie or the high heels, whatever is whatever
Videos with the ass hangin out, never
Can't see a dime from here, yo listen
Get a prescription, holla at Pearle Vision

[Chorus - repeat 3X]

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