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It's Not A Fairytale

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It all started like this
Ninth grade freshman year
So happy to be in high school
I shedded a tear
So many cute dudes to choose from
I knew it was one
That was right for me
Well I thought at least
He was the big guy on campus
On the football team
Basketball homecoming
He was voted for king
And there was me
I was on the cheerleading squad
Sweet six-teen looking for love in my heart
It was a beautiful thing from the start
I must say only problem was
My parents was strict
They ain't play
No phone calls after eight
No staying out late
I'm like dam give me a break
Hormones kicking in
Start displaying my shape
More concern with my looks
Then my books and grades
Headed no where fast
I was on my way
Curiosity come on
I know yall relate

It's been a year now I'm a sophomore
Mature and know more
But still I'm young and dumb
And plus I'm unsure
Who I am
What the future has in store
Man I'm trying to be grown
Cuz my parents now divorced
I took a charge to roll with Dough Boy
Moms tried to force me to move to New York
But of course that plan it fail short
She found herself caught up in court
For child support
Drama problems of all sorts
Stressing started smoking new ports
Carefree about the ones who care for me
Lost teen giving up on my dream
And as worst as it seems
Had me thinking crazy things
Like suicide that better everything if I jus die
Fullblown without guidance or a home
I'm startin to get stomache pains
That's strange what could be wrong

What do I do
I ask myself everyday
A child given birth to a child
What can I say
This wasn't suppose too happen
Here I am turned my back on my fam
Well god dam
This wasn't even part of the plan
I'm spazzin out
When I lay down at night the hurt
Just burst out I shout how could he leave
At my time of need
Especially now I'm pregnant
And due in three
Maybe I should have it
And give it for adoption
I can't graduate
I aint been to school since august
Often I hear this voice talking
In the back of my mind
So problems in my life
I just pray for my time to come
God take me leave my child behind
I'm on the run adrenalin pumpin
So angry I could kill something
Don't make me prove it
Cause if you don't do it
Then I will do it
I'm foolish and so stupid

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