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In the desert of my dreams I saw you there
And I'm walking towards the water steaming body cold and bare
But your words cut loose the fires and you left my soul to bleed
And the pair that's in your death's receiving me has got me scared

Oh why?

Through your eyes the strains of battle like a brooding storm
Your up and down these pristine velvet walls like focus never forms
My wake is getting wider and my eyes are drawn astray
Near you now a vague deception of a dying day


I fll into the water and once more I turn to you
and the crowds were standing staring faceless cutting off my view
They start to simply flail their bodies in twisted mime
And I'm lost inside this tangled web in which I'm lain
You're gone and I'm lost inside this tangled entwined
Web in which I'm lain entwined


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